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Texarkana, USA

God Bless America,
We ask God for blessings for our troops.


The Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church Of Texarkana, Texas USA

1217 Dillon St. Texarkana, Texas

Randy Johnson, Pastor 

This Church Was Established in Texarkana, USA on October 21, 1961

Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church
"Where The Truths Of Godís Word Have Been Taught For More Than Fifty-Six Years"
1217 Dillon Texarkana, Texas 75501
March 11, 2018
Newsletter Number 661
Brother Randy Johnson, Pastor                   Brother James Thomas, Song Leader
Pastor E-Mail: pastor@sgmbaptist.com                                              Web Site: www.sgmbaptist.com

"A Church Seeking To Please God In Prayer, Song, Preaching, And Worship."

Please Join Us As We Pray For:

All of Our Military, Their Familyís & All the Civilian Workers in The Middle East, Zee Mink Fuller and Family, Her sonís Bryan Armstrong and Hunter Hackie, Daughter Shannon, and Brother Philip & Sondra Thornsberry, Johnnie Stephens, Alecia Stephens, and children, Frankie Baldridge and daughter, Buckie Thompson, Frank & Sonya Trusty, Frank & Dawana Reigel, Andrew Preston, Larry & Martha Mollette and Her Family, Tyrell Loyd, Bonnie, Ted O'Bonion, Larry Mollette II & Family, Kerry Adcock, Kim Poole, Danny & Nita Mollette, The Muncy Family, Lee & Mary Mollette, Wendell Henderson, Joshua Kidd, Matthew Kidd, Ronnie and Sarah Henderson, Ronnie Henderson Jr. & Children, Ricky Henderson and Family, Jacie Henderson, Velma Hammond, Charles, Don Hammond and Families, Archie Griffin, Donna Johnson, James and Luann Reynolds, Timothy Fails, Nathan Fails, Jacob Ramsey, Jerry Hughes, Pastor G. L. Burr, Melody Carr, Janie Capps, Linda Hughes, Donna Jones, Gina, Brother Kelley and Sister Hinson, The Harris Family, Teresa Bookout, Little Titan Thomas (Trent and Tiffane Thomas child), James Ė Diane and Brooke Thomas, Jace Fails, Sister Ann McSwain, Elaine Sparks, James daughterís mother-in-law, Danny Hammond, Jim and Linda Meier, Ronnie Elam, Bonnie From Ohio, Brother Dan Sullivan the work in Thailand, Brother Raul and the work in Romania, Bro. Sergey Mochalov and the Churches in Russia.

From Our Pastor: This week I inserted an article from our former Pastor Elder O. B. Mink - Now In Glory

The Lordís Preacher

The Lordís preachers are human (believe it or not) just as much as any of us. They come from all areas and levels of society, but mostly from homes poor in material wealth. They come in all sizes - tall, short, fat, skinny, and in between. But they are all of the male sex.

Most people do not care whether they exist or not; that is, until they get in trouble. Then they ask, "Where is that preacher, whatís his name?" Then the first question they ask the preacher is, "Why in the world did God let this happen to me?"
But, in fact, Godís preachers are not hard to find, for they are constantly being told by a great many people, "You get in my hair, preacher", or, "You get under my skin", and that is about as close as you can get to a person.
The Lordís preachers are required to have the wisdom of Solomon; the disposition of a lamb; the swiftness of an eagle. But when he makes a mistake, he is called an ignoramus. If he unapologetically preaches the truth of Godís word, he is accused of being hard-hearted, or inconsiderate. And if he is not promptly at the scene of every church related emergency, some of the members will say, "He is lazy".
In the eyes of a great many people, the Lordís preacher is a bogey-man who spends most of his time talking about the place "down there".
While the great majority of secular employees get paid vacations, holidays, and a host of other job benefits, and rightly so, the Lordís preacher is on call twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year, and his job benefits, other than the meager salary, are few or none. He has no pastor, nor labor union to take his grievance to.
Each church member knows, or should know that Godís preacher has but one mission in life, and that is to reprove sin, first in himself, and then in whomsoever it is seen. He is considered a dedicated man, but, he should keep quiet about the "little sins", "immodest dress", or "colored jesting", and, oh yes, why does he criticize other churches?
If Godís preacher drives a big car, he is materially minded. If he drives a little car, he is not concerned in bringing people to church. He is expected to be the first and the last person at the church building, no matter what kind of car he drives.

He must be at all times ready to meet the public, and represent the church. If his old faithful suit begins to show wear from the many drops of pulpit sweat, he is undignified. Yet, some members keep telling him, "Donít you forget, we are giving you your living".
No matter how sour the grapes, he must ever be an extrovert, which is sometimes most difficult. But, faith in God has made an unceasing optimist of him and he knows the rain which comes into his life falls from the cloud of Godís merciful and beneficent providence which abides upon him.
Soldiers get medals for bravery. Industry gives promotions and certificates of merit for jobs well done. Lodges bestow accolades upon their worthies. The entertainment world has their outstanding artists whom they award with trophies. But none can compare with the reward that the Lordís preacher will receive when he faces his God and hears Him say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant".
The Lordís preacher knows that in order to become President of the United States, he would have to take a big demotion. The Lordís preacher may, in old age retire from the pastorate, but he will never cease to preach, for there is no discharge from that high and lofty calling.

"This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work." (I Timothy 3:1)

No matter the heartaches connected with a God given ministry, there is no better, or a more soul edifying work.

Unless our study of Scripture . . .
By: Arthur Pink

"He who says he abides in Him, ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked." 1 John 2:6

Unless our study of Scripture is conforming us, both inwardly and outwardly, to the image of Christ ó it profits us not!

"Leaving you an example, that you should follow in His steps." 1 Peter 2:21

Never nurse a child for the devil:
By William S. Plumer

The heart of your child is corrupt, and all your teaching and example will be lost without God's blessing. You cannot change the heart, renew the will, or wash away the sins of your child. God alone can impart to him a love of the truth, or give him repentance. You may use your best endeavorsóbut all will be in vain without God's Spirit.

A mother of eleven pious children, who being asked how she came to be so much blessed, said, "I never took one of them into my arms to give it nourishment, that I did not pray that I might never nurse a child for the devil."

Church News.

Happy Anniversary to Brother James & Sister Dina Thomas Tuesday March 13th

Pastor Johnson and a lot of our membership will be gone next Sunday 3/18 to the Bible Conference at Northside Baptist Church in Oakdale, La. For the folks that do not go to Oakdale, Services are canceled unless otherwise notified.

Please remember, our bible Conference will be September 14 Ė 15 Friday night and Saturday all day

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